SACICT Invites New Generations to Join “SACICT WAR CRAFT” Reality Show

SACICT Invites New Generations to Join “SACICT WAR CRAFT” Reality Show
Jointly Preserving the Artistry, Value and Charm of Thai Arts and Crafts

The SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (Public Organization) (SACICT) is holding the contemporary basketry crafts design competition 2021 to find out the best weaving product design team in the “SACICT WAR CRAFT” reality show program on Amarin TV channel. Undergraduates, university students in the Bachelor’s degree program or equivalent are invited to participate in the handmade product design contest in a team of three people. The objective is to open the door of opportunity and provide new generation people with new experiences to show team efforts and craftsmanship to create basketry product design in the “SACICT WAR CRAFT” reality show program. The contest will provide participants with hands-on experience, inspiration, motivation and knowledge as they might become widely famous product designers. Prizes worth more than 300,000 baht are up for grabs, plus the winning trophy. Applications run until June 4, 2021.

“SACICT WAR CRAFT” reality show program is an initiative aimed at promoting and elevating Thai arts and crafts and craftsmanship of Thai people in order to become more accepted in the global handicraft industry both in Thailand and abroad. The reality show program also focuses on raising awareness about handicrafts and providing inspiration for target groups as the masters, gurus, specialists and experts in craftsmanship and handicraft will pass on their priceless knowledge and experiences to all participants. For the 2021 competition, it will give priority to innovating handmade basketry products in a reality show where high-profile celebrities and top mentors from across industries serve as reality show judges and provide advice and comments for all contestants. The reality show program is expected to be fun, thought-provoking, worth following and easy to understand. Moreover, all contestants are able to join workshops mastered by experts in design, brand creation, and marketing with a central goal to jointly preserve the artistry, value and brilliancy of Thai craftsmanship as well as optimizing the unique selling propositions of Thai arts and crafts. It is expected to generate new inspiration and enthusiasm for creating and promoting Thai arts and crafts as the traditional Thai basketry products will become more widely known in society indefinitely.

Those who have bags of creative ideas and enthusiasm for the craft of weaving design are welcome to join “SACICT WAR CRAFT” reality show program, which is divided into three categories: 1. Fashion-inspired basketry products 2. Household and decor basketry products 3. Innovation design basketry products. The raw materials in the competition consists of Sedge (Krajood), Cyperus (Kok), Bamboo Strips (Mai Phai), and Sisal (Pan Sorn Narai)

Interested people can download an application form and get more details about “SACICT WAR CRAFT” contest at Applications and weaving product ideas can be submitted via E-MAIL: or apply online at

For more information and inquiries, visit or Tel: 086-792-4446