Eat dried fruits smarter and healthier by Nature’s Sensation

The saying “There’s nothing better than being healthy at all ages.” can best describe the definition of happiness of health-conscious people. Being healthy is another life goal most people, especially young men and women, want to reach. They place importance on healthy lifestyles involving not only regular exercise and healthy eating, but also snacking that helps prevent them from eating out of boredom. Aside from a healthy dessert, there is no doubt that dried fruits are also the popular easy-to-come-by healthy snacks offering a great taste like the fresh ones.
Although dried fruits are packed with nutritional value, they contain a high amount of sugar, and some may even offer high calories. For this reason, Nature’s Sensation, a wide variety of fine dried fruits and natural juice brand by Heritage Group, would like to share tips to eat dried fruits for a better health.

1. “No added sugar, No worry”
Prior to buying dried fruits, consumers should give careful consideration to their ingredients. Since the natural sweetness is provided by the dried fruits themselves, dried fruits with no added sugar are recommended eating. For those who cannot distinguish between the healthy dried fruits and the unhealthy ones, noticing the package labeled as “crystallized” is a simple way to avoid buying those unhealthy snacks.
2. “Get healthier, Amounts matter”
Some consumers may eat too much of dried fruits, but this behavior can lead them to negative health effects. Thus, they should eat dried fruits in small amounts, namely a half cup of dried fruits a day, as suggested by United States Department of Agriculture. Such recommended amounts are also equal to a cup of fresh ones.
3. “Dynamic duo, Ultimate creation”
Dried fruits are not only ideal for snacking, but they are the perfect ideas to make each meal tastier and healthier. Try combining the dried fruits like cranberries or prunes with Greek yogurt in a brekkie bowl as they can offer essential nutrients like Potassium, Protein, and Vitamins and energy needed for daily activities.
As shown above, eating dried fruits for health is not that difficult. Consumers can get the benefits from dried fruits easily by eating those with natural sugar and incorporating healthy dried fruits into their favorite brekkie bowl. Above all, the recommended daily amounts of dried fruits are the important factors that should not be ignored. If you are looking for healthy gifts for yourself or your loved ones, Nature’s Sensation dried fruits featuring cranberries, California pitted prunes, blueberries, and mixed berries are the excellent choices available now at leading department stores and supermarket. Visit the online channels at Shopee, Lazada, JD Central, and LINE ID: @Heritagethailand.