UN in Thailand launches Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) online campaign

UN in Thailand launches Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) online campaign

Bangkok, April 2021 – The Decade of Action calls for immediate action and participation to address the world biggest challenges together. The United Nations in Thailand launched an online campaign on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through the facets of the five fundamental pillars: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership.

Achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals is a hugely ambitious and yet vital undertaking. Cooperation from all sectors and on an individual level are required to deliver on the Global Goals.

Ms. Sirinya Bishop, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for Asia and the Pacific explained that sustainable development starts with ‘people’ and everyone can take part in helping solve global problems and reduce inequality together. “People are the basic element of societies and global population because people bring about change and it is also the people who will benefit from the positive consequences.”

In parallel with people’s wellbeing, the agenda calls to advance sustainability with ‘planet’. “SDGs are the tool that allows people to pay attention to the environment and learn to take part in making our planet sustainable.” Mr. Alex Rendell, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Thailand joined the campaign to recall that the environment is fundamental and also key to world development.

Despite some progress since the commencement of the Global Goals, trends toward achieving shared prosperity have stalled as the world struggles with the rise of inequality. Moving forward, the notion of ‘prosperity’ is no longer just about wealth but the mutual determination for shared prosperity. “Prosperity in this context is about our attitude. We must think with a prosperous mindset to save our world and over 7 million fellow human beings. We must help preserve and sustain our world.” Mr. Prida Tiasuwan, Founding member of Global Compact Network Thailand expressed his views on the SDGs related to economic growth and prosperity.

The Global Goals are set to foster a peaceful and just society but war, persecution and conflicts remain a great threat to sustainable development. “We have been separating peace, justice, and the rule of law from each other. Actually, these three elements are the same thing. To create peace, we must also create justice, and the law must also be fair. These three things are interconnected.” Mr. Parinya Tewanarumitkul, Deputy Director-General for Sustainability and Administration at Rangsit Center and Lecturer of the Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, explained.

The SDGs require strong global partnerships and cooperation. Ms. Gita Sabharwal, UN Resident Coordinator in Thailand highlighted that everyone is key to take part in the global action and that no one is left behind. “The sustainable development goals are interlinked, including all of us, people, and the planet. This is so important to the 2030 Agenda. The UN joins us together to make this reality.”

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