The School of Liberal Arts organizes “School of Liberal Arts volunteers, people do good things.

Student Affairs Unit, School of Liberal Arts, University of Phayao organized “School of Liberal Arts volunteers, people do good things, which is an activity to promote and instill in students to be moral and ethical person, in accordance with the desirable graduate attributes, namely; honesty, discipline, and volunteer mind through the community service activities at Ban Thung Pa Kha School, Srithai Subdistrict. Maejai District, Phayao Province during 19-21 August 2022

Activities include:
1. Introduction activities “Roles and duties of the Student Club Committee”
2. Recreational activities to build good relationships between students of school of Liberal Arts.
3. Educational training on the topics ” Leadership Student Development”, “Leadership and Followers”, “Effective Resource Management”, “Student Development of Activists and Personality Development towards good leadership”, and Planning and Presentations Activities titled “Welcoming New Students Creatively” by Speakers Mr. Chakrapong Thuraphoka, Academic Studies Officer, School of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

In addition, there are group activities to develop the area within the school, including: Painting school fences, painting playgrounds, cleaning bathrooms. School development by functional group Cleaning the area around the school and summarizing the results of the activities.