The Kenan Foundation of Asia and the Citi Foundation open space for vocational education students to prepare for the labor market.

Bangkok – 26 July 2023: Kenan Foundation Asia and the Citi Foundation organized the activity Yes for Youth Day: Competition & Career Day as part of the Youth Employability Skills and Pathways program for students nearing graduation students who lack opportunities and people with disabilities to increase their potential and opportunities in education and be able to competitive in the labor market by gaining the confidence and skills they need to apply for jobs and interviews. Along with creating social networks to provide learning in presenting ideas and communicating in a challenging environment focusing on female, LGBTQ, and disabled students to provide equal education opportunities. and enter the labor market with sufficient skills and confidence.

Mr. Piyabutr Cholvijarn, President of Kenan Foundation Asia, stated, “To develop the technical and professional skills are essential for students in a vocational education course. However, some vocational students may face difficulties accessing essential knowledge and opportunities to develop key skills that will enable them to compete to their fullest potential in the labor market. Supporting this group of students will also affect all socio-economic growth because success in the field depends on quality technical skills and knowledge. We, therefore, support students in their vocational careers to create equality and provide opportunities. Throughout this project, we believe that professional students’ skilled craftsmanship and standardized knowledge are effectively applied to real situations comparable to students from other countries. Although, some skills should be developed and practiced to be ready to compete in the global labor market proudly. Moreover, it is to prepare for the 21st century, whether in terms of necessary skills, innovative thinking, or an understanding of working with others in diverse societies.”

Miss Wanvisa Komindr, Corporate Affairs and Citizenship of Citibank Thailand said that “One of Citi’s missions is to promote economic progress in the society to improve the lives of the communities in which Citi operates by increasing the opportunity to access funding thoroughly career building for youth especially young people in vulnerable groups together with creating a better and sustainable environment and community economy. So, this project help emphasizes the importance of youth groups, especially in the vocational course about stepping into the country’s new driving force to acquire skills and get hired through employment and increasing economic opportunities to lead to a better quality of life in the future.”

Acting second lieutenant Mr. Thanu Wongchinda, Secretary-General of the Vocational Education Commission, Office of the Vocational Education Commission, said, “I am very impressed that Kenan Foundation Asia and Citi Foundation have carried out this project because there are more and more students who are interested in the vocational field so the students in this field of study became major factors that drive the labor market in many sectors. Therefore, we have encouraged and supported teachers and educational personnel to create new skills to align with modern society. Hence, the students and teachers must constantly develop their skills and learning processes. We encourage educators to create a learning environment inside and outside the classroom to build a lifelong learning habit.”

Yes for Youth Day: Competition & Career Day is one of the activities of the Youth Employability Skills and Pathways Project, created in partnership with the Citi Foundation. and the Kenan Foundation Asia to increase the potential of vocational students and the underprivileged students who lack financial resources inability to pursue a career or having difficulty repaying student loans between the ages of 18 and 24. This project also helps prepare the skills for applying and interviewing for the job and is an excellent chance to boost communication and presentation skills. The project received attention from 5 educational institutes participating in the activity.

For those who received the prize in the Yes for Youth Day: Competition & Career Day activity, including:

1. The winner: Miss Dasitra Palae – Major in Accountant from Minburi Technical Collage
2. 1st Runner-up: Miss Pornsilp Supunyo – Major in Business Digital from Pattaya Redemptorist Technological College for People with Disabilities.
3. 2nd Runner-up: Miss Thiwa Jaimipak – Major in Marketing from Thonburi Commercial College.

In addition, there is also a Career Day that combines booths from private companies and more than 20 government agencies with opening positions to provide opportunities for students who are about to graduate to meet and talk directly with employers.

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