Sunkist Pistachio Milk Thai Tea Flavor Makes Refreshing Drink This Summer Delicious Taste of Thai.

Thai tea has been one of Thailand’s most favorite drink that comes with its pleasant aroma and sweetness from milk and sugar. Although, most of time tasty Thai tea comes with sweet condensed milk and sugar contributes to overall calorie of around 300 calories per glass. Sunkist Pistachio Milk Thai Tea flavor most favorite taste that consisted of pistachio milk and authentic premium Assam tea gives only 110 calories for 180ml. Moreover, pistachio milk is rich in protein, fibers, vitamin e and free from cholesterol and gluten.
Sunkist pistachio milk Thai Tea flavor can be used an ingredient for desserts such as Thai tea cake, Thai tea ice cream, and Thai tea pudding. Sunkist Pistachio Milk in size 180ml (3 cartons/pack) is at 59 baht and 946ml at 99 baht, which are available at supermarkets nationwide or purchase Sunkist items online at LINE Official: @Heritagethailand or at Shopee, Lazada and JD Central. For more information please contact 02-813-0954-5 or follow Sunkist’s activities at, and IG:sunkistthailand