Dusit Thani College (DTC) continues to develop its curriculum to both strengthen and enrich student skills under the guidance of experts in the business.

A hands-on approach to education, which plays a pivotal role in determining the future success of people that enter the world of hospitality and culinary arts, is one of the many strengths Dusit Thani College (DTC), Thailand’s premier hospitality education institution accredited by the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organization) and international standards of excellence by The International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE), prides itself on.

One of DTC’s subjects that enables students to achieve is Restaurant Business Management, which offers in the International Bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration in Professional Culinary Arts Program (a joint degree with Le Cordon Bleu). Dusit Thani Collage collaborated with Dusit International to offer a unique opportunity for students to bring to life their individual concepts and ideas at Baan Dusit and Dusit Suites.

The subject focus is on introducing students to the multi-fold concept of business planning, the various types of components required to determine its success, and the interrelations between industries involved, thus enabling students to analyze, interpret and apply this wealth of knowledge in the context of operational and current economic conditions.

The goal-oriented course targets the development of the students’ entrepreneurial skills in the context of managing the restaurant business. This is accomplished by utilizing the integration of tested theoretical business knowledge and applying it to today’s current situation within the hotel and restaurant industries.

Students will also be able to correctly use theories and concepts on how to enhance the guest experience in restaurant settings, and furthermore be equipped with the know-how on how to create a financial analysis for the restaurant business in terms of capital and operation investments. During this, students will be able to develop a business mindset that values the importance of becoming a sustainable restaurant business, focusing on managing the process from the kitchen to the customer’s table with professionalism.

DTC’s high standard teaching methods have through the years built a solid foundation for students to achieve success in the workplace. Aside from being equipped with state-of-the-art information, their confidence is developed to ask questions and share ideas. This is made possible through the instructor’s diligence in encouraging student’s active involvement in group discussions and class presentation activities.

Through carefully structured teacher’s lesson plans student’s cognitive skills are further sharpened for them to have the ability to analyze situations and be able to apply a conceptual understanding of principles and theories in critical situations and creative problem-solving method when faced with unanticipated, often new work-related scenarios.

Furthermore, students can demonstrate problem-solving and reasoning skills at a level comprehensible to their colleagues. The know-how they receive also enables them to master and use theoretical, practical knowledge in actual real-life situations.

Mr. Jean-Michel Dixte, Vice President – Food & Beverage of Dusit International remarked “In order to succeed today, you have to be adaptive, innovative, and committed. And I am thrilled to announce this brand-new partnership between Dusit Thani College and Dusit International, where we design a great entrepreneurship Course for all our students. And here at Baan Dusit Thani, our students will have an opportunity to bring to life their own concept. So, stay tuned at Baan Dusit Thani.”

Mr. Pathawee Chantharumai, Executive Assistant Manager of Dusit Suites Hotel added, saying: “This program is a part of the Restaurant Business Management subject. [Personally] I think it is very good for the student because they can gain real-life experience apart from inside the classroom. So, this opportunity will tell them what they should do? How will they achieve it?
“On the hotel side, I think we will get new ideas from these fresh eyes, and I think this is what hotels need. The new ideas come from them. This is our expectation from Dusit Suites”.

For more information, please contact Public Relations Office on +66 (0) 2361 7811-3 or e-mail pr.pr@dtc.ac.th or visit www.dtc.ac.th