JBP collaborated with Thai Watsadu to distribute 1st recycled paint in Thailand “JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic” as part of caring for the environment for sustainable wellbeing

J.B.P. International Paint Company Limited, Thailand’s top industrial paints and coatings manufacturer and distributor, led by Chief Executive Officer Sarawut Rachanakul continued to deepen its synergistic collaboration and partnerships with CRC Thai Watsadu Company Limited, a home improvement subsidiary of Central Retail Corporation, and other business partners throughout the supply chain to tackle an environmental problem in a sustainable manner by introducing Thailand’s first collaborative recycled paint “JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic”, which will be available for purchase at Thai Watsadu stores nationwide. The launch of the collaborative recycled paint is a testament to J.B.P. International Paint’s commitment to retaining its leadership in sustainable business growth and development for environmental sustainability in Thailand.

Mr. Sarawut Rachanakul, Chief Executive Officer of J.B.P. International Paint Company Limited, said J.B.P. International Paint has committed to growing the business alongside corporate social responsibility and environmental caring practices since the inception of the company. J.B.P. International Paint has continued to develop and improve products and services in order to seamlessly deliver the best customer experience. Recently, the company launched the newly innovative paint called “JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic”, which is the first collaborative recycled paint in Thailand. It was produced using material and also paint buckets made from recycled material under the standard recycling process The development of the collaborative recycled paint is a synergistic collaboration with partners under the “One World: One Future Together” initiative with a shared goal in doing good deeds for society and to make great contributions to the world. Thai Watsadu is a strategic partner that has helped distribute J.B.P International Paint’s innovative paint and coating products to consumers nationwide so that they can use the best-quality paints and coatings that are friendly to the environment.

Mr. Suthisarn Chirathivat, Chief Executive Officer of CRC Thai Watsadu Company Limited, said Thai Watsadu, as an integrated construction material and home improvement retailer, would like to play a key role in delivering positive impact and value for the benefits of society and the environment. CRC Thai Watsadu stands ready to support J.B.P International Paint in distributing a good quality paint product like the collaborative recycled paint “JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic” via all Thai Watsadu stores nationwide in order for all consumers to get the best product developed in collaboration with leading corporations of the country to project the environment and achieve environmental stability in a more sustainable manner.

The collaborative recycled paint “JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic” was innovated through a synergy of four corporations under the “One World: One Future” initiative. They are J.B.P International Paint Company Limited, CRC Thai Watsadu Company Limited, Srithai Superware Public Company Limited, and UAC Global Public Company Limited. They have the same shared goal in steering business growth and prosperity alongside social responsibility and environmental caring commitments for a better quality of life for all people in a more livable society in this environmentally sustainable world. The “JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic” shares the same quality and specifications as other interior paints that were produced using all-new material and components. It is certified by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) No. 2321-2564. Moreover, the water-based paint was also awarded with a “Green Label” for being an environment-friendly paint, customers can rest assured about its excellent quality and incomparable durability. The collaborative recycled paint JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic is an interior paint that highlights an excellent adhesion and excellent cover on larger surface areas and it does not release horrible toxic chemicals. The innovative “JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic” is developed through using the returned paints or the remaining paints after the manufacturing process in the inventory. They were taken to an advanced paint recycling process in order to produce a new recycled paint. In addition, all buckets which contain paints and coatings are totally made from 100% recycled plastic. The collective collaboration to develop “JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic” is actually in response to efficient resources management under the circular economy concept for business sustainability, helping to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, industrial waste disposals, plastic waste volume, as well as reducing the use of new material and natural resources in manufacturing new paints and coatings

The collaborative recycled paint “JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic” is the first and major step forward under the synergy of four large corporations. It is the next success milestone of the “One World : One Future Together” initiative. The four corporations also have plans to continue strengthening collaboration in order to develop environmentally friendly interior paints and coatings for sustainability for a better livability in the future. J.B.P. International Paint and its key partners remain committed to delivering the best products to customers and elevating the quality of life of all people in society and communities as well as protecting the environment.

J.B.P International Paint Company Limited also plans to launch a new environmentally friendly interior paint in the near future. It would be a plant-based interior paint that is eco-friendly and healthy for users and the environment. It is an innovative paint that responds to all diverse lifestyles of customers and it is a new interior paint option for those who are conscious about health and the environment

“JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic” is now available for purchase at all Thai Watsadu stores across the country. For more information on sales and distribution, please contact Thai Watsadu or visit www.thaiwatsadu.com, Facebook Fanpage: Thai Watsadu, and Line ID: @Thaiwatsadu or contact 1308 Call Center.

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